Reading comprehension not required

My forecast for the added functionalities of PLE 2.0 accommodates the decline in reading comprehension. There are many reasons for this decline becoming more prevalent in the past few years:
  • Media snacking and online reading instead of concentrating on printed pages in books, magazines and newspapers
  • Increasing time spent listening to phone calls, radio, MP3 players and podcasts with their ears while their eyes are free to gaze unfocused.
  • Reading photos, slide shows, picture books, films, TV and YouTube style videos with their heavy reliance on visual storytelling and rare insertion of text on the screen or page
  • Reading packages and signs in stores to go shopping successfully without reading the fine print, product reviews or blogs about the possible purchase
  • Succeeding at learning to use new technology and playing computer games without reading the instructional manuals or online help pages
  • Conducting captivating conversations with persons of interest via brief IM, Twitter and text messaging snippets -- not love poems, romantic letters and long emails
  • Keeping current by subscribing to RSS feeds of friends, getting updates on cellphones/PDA's and answering polls on websites
All this spells an end to reading assignments and learning that relies on reading comprehension. Reading for meaning will likely become a specialized skill learned by those with a talent or aptitude for the challenges. Meanwhile, DIY and DIT learning in PLE 2.0 can occur via the visuals, listening, and brief snippets of text that are already in widespread use.

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