Native questioning of PLEs

Fish in the water of our digital culture will be the last to recognize what they are immersed in and are taking for granted. Fish out of water will have the benefit of being puzzled, disoriented and full of questions about these new cultural assumptions. Here's what I've imagined a "digital native" would question how this PLE thing is done if beached on dry land.
  • Does a PLE require tons of reading or is it more like "show and tell", "playing charades" and "role-playing"?
  • What's the point of a PLE if there's no visual storytelling and mash-up with some soundtrack?
  • Were PLE's invented after television? How do I watch and listen to a PLE and change channels in it?
  • How do I get updates from my PLE on my cell and send text messages to my PLE?
  • Is PLE just a download thing, or are there ways to upload the cool stuff I create?
  • Can others tag content in my PLE or is it a private thing?
  • What happens when two PLE's combine and share resources?
  • Can I get RSS or Atom feeds off of others' PLEs to stimulate my own learning and watch others develop?
  • Are there chat rooms, forums and wiki for creators of PLE's to support each other's development?
  • Is the PLE asynch, always on, 24/7 or does it have to be done simultaneously with others on some schedule?
  • Is there a PLE map where I can search for landmarks and find my own coordinates in it?
  • Can I save where I was the last time in my PLE and start there next time?
  • How do I create an avatar in my PLE and explore the different levels of terrain?
  • How do I block skanky invaders and griefers in my PLE?
  • How can I shout out to other PLE's that rock my world?
  • Is a PLE an account somewhere online that says "sign up or sign in" with a place to login my user name and password?
  • Is there a transcript of everything I do in my PLE that I can archive and search a later date?
  • Can I hold web conferences in my PLE and meet up with others to whiteboard ideas together?
  • Is there a mobile version of PLEs or does it only happen on a laptop anywhere there's a WIFI connection?
  • Are there widgets, skins and plug-ins to add to PLE that customizes the look and functionality for me?

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