Five back burners

I'm currently pulled in five different directions which defeated my writing a post this morning with any one focus. Here's what's cooking on my mind today:

Over the weekend, I started designing a multimedia presentation to summarize the 32 essays that explore Journalism 2.0. I'm planning to use the free, online Prezi software that puts all the elements on a single canvas.

I'm still working on a follow-up to the series on emotional baggage that will assist people in resolving their own issues. I'm finding a workbook format oversimplifies the complexity of all but the most basic form of baggage. I'm currently considering the use of some online interview software to deal more realistically with the complexity of anyone's unresolved issues.

Last week I learned of a call for papers for a conference next year that explores conflicts with P2P practices. Since my exploration of the Cynefin + TIMN frameworks, I've continued to develop more insights into the challenges and opportunities of peer-to-peer governance, production and property. I'm expecting to develop my proposal for the conference by writing out my scattered ideas here in a more coherent form than they current exist.

Over the weekend, I received an invitation to propose a chapter in forthcoming book on PLEs. It's been a long while since I've written any about personal learning environments. This morning I revisited what I had previously written, and captured my most recent thoughts. That proposal is due October first and may get explore here sooner than the other topics.

The exploration of Journalism 2.0 was originally intended to set the stage for my further development of ideas for disrupting higher education. There are significant parallels between journalism and academia, both professionally and in terms of disruptive innovations in their market spaces. That exploration ties in extensively with both PLEs and P2P practices.

It remains to be seen which of these will move up to the front burner next.

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