Changing our minds with ease

Resolving our emotional baggage calls for changing our minds in many ways. A change in heart (feeling) follows the conscious change in what we're thinking and seeing. When we've resolved an issue, we've changed our minds about:
  • what actually happened to us and how it affected us
  • why it happened and how it could not repeat itself
  • who do we think we are and how that compares to others
  • how do we deserve to be seen, related to and treated
  • what can possibly happen to us, for us and with us now
  • what's similar and different about our new situation
  • what reactions/responses are appropriate in this new situation
Changing our minds with ease comes about amidst lots of other changes. When we've fallen for any of the pitfalls on the path to resolution, it's very difficult to change our minds. We're missing the ingredients that make it possible to change our minds with ease. The pitfall messes up our mood, inclinations and access to:
  • entertaining lots of possibilities, points of view and frames of reference
  • exploring others' interests, perceptions, projects and purposes
  • balancing reliable routines with less predictable adventures, explorations and experiments
  • immersing ourselves in conversations and collaborations with others who are growing and changing
This perception of the challenge shows us a way to get out of any pitfall by changing our minds:
  • We can get off our one track mind by getting side tracked with other ways of seeing things, situations and ourselves
  • We can open our closed mind with contradictory perceptions, explanations and predictions
  • We can disrupt our functioning on auto-pilot by messing with our habits, routines and addictions
  • We can expand our awareness of others who seem weird, inappropriate or wrong to our way of thinking
Each of these strategies invoke the pattern of increasing returns. A little change brings about more changes, The wealth of resources for changing with ease increase naturally.

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