Coming from a place of wonder

When we're carrying emotional baggage, we're full of opinions. We've made up our minds about our fate, bad luck and even how we've been cursed. We've decided for "good" what will always and never happen to us, for us or with us.

We opt for this rigidity to keep a "lid on the kid". Our inner children are unhappy and prone to tantrums. With emotional baggage comes storms of negative emotions. Rather than "flip our lid" whenever we feel like it, we rely on an opinionated thought system to inhibit that costly exhibition of our dark moods.

When we're free of our emotional baggage, we're no longer served by that array of rigid opinions. We're feeling better and benefit from expressing how we feel. We're in a place of wonder where we're wary of assuming incorrectly, jumping to conclusions and making snap judgments. We presume we don't know everything and don't have this current situation entirely figured out. We consciously burst any bubble of over-confidence, hubris or conceit.

In this better place, it feels good to wonder about what's missing, unknown and mysterious. We approach life as an adventure to explore rather than a struggle to endure. We start something new with a sense of what we don't already know. We routinely formulate new questions, hypotheses and theories. We go looking for answers, contrary evidence and more nuanced insights to validate or upgrade our explorations. We enjoy learning far more than could ever happen sitting in rows of desks.

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