Getting to a panoramic place

Emotional baggage gives us the experience of having a very full plate. We're loaded with worries about what's going to happen to us, based on what already occurred. We're rehashing the past episodes as if it will somehow get better by replaying it over and over. We're also trying to cope with our present situation that typically expects us to act like nothing happened to worry about and rethink endlessly.

With this very full plate, our awareness is very limited. Baggage keeps us in a place where our outlook is tunnel-visioned. Other people seem like insignificant or overwhelming things. We have no spare capacity on the plate or space in our outlook to consider others more insightfully. The prospect of others having different purposes, feelings, issues and outlooks seems overwhelming to consider. We cope with our inner torment by simplifying how others appear to us.

The path out of that tunnel-visioned place ventures into significant understanding of many others. Our outlooks become panoramic as we get into this better place. We become of aware of what we've failed to consider when we were coping with a very full plate. We open up our minds to accommodate others living in different realities. We begin to see them dealing with different pressures, coping with varied past histories and foreseeing different opportunities.

In the process of getting their stories understood, we get a much better sense of our own stories. We see how we differ and how those differences could make a positive difference. We realize our story is a work in progress with many chapters to go. Our panoramic outlook embraces all the varied stories getting changed by further experiences. We see ways to help others accept and enrich their stories with the ways we're different in a good way.

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