High powered crap detectors

It's been said that it's not possible to deceive an honest person. I watched this happen several times last week in my mentoring of entrepreneurs.

We only fall for getting misled when we deceive ourselves about the freedom available when we face the truth. We delude ourselves into thinking we can rely on appearances, fears and reactions to assess what shows up. We kid ourselves that we are mortals who's lives end when our bodies die. We assume we have no other information sources besides when we get outside our bodies. When we get into this delusional condition, we are easily deceived.

Crap detectors only function on solid ground. Our self respect must be unshakeable to discern what is the honest truth. We need to know things about ourselves that no one has told us to our eyes and ears, but rather truths we found within. When we know better than to react to appearances with our fears, we're in a position to detect crap and truth.

We may be operating our crap detector and not realize it. We may be surrounded by so many false ambitions, identities and assertions -- that our crap detectors work non-stop. With nothing but scams, masks and hype to sort out, we see nothing to trust, respect, value or internalize. It's not until some truth comes along that we realize we are in good standing. We see a real deal among the looming betrayals. We recognize an authentic being among scam artists. We discern an honest offer from the field of rip-offs.

Once we can detect crap and the honest truth, we are out of the woods and in the clearing from fear. We no longer need to be afraid of getting deceived because we've stopped kidding ourselves. We no longer trust the advice our fears give us about how to react against, counter attack or contradict the claims. We can dismiss the crap easily and remain confident in what's not being said, shown or revealed. We trust what feels the same as our authentic self respect. We realize why it's not possible to deceive an honest person. We are that person.

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