Becoming vastly allowing

When we are aware that nothing need to be different than it is, we attract what we want at the highest level. Said another way, when we are vastly allowing, we are in the clear for the good stuff to appear.

When we are vastly allowing, we see how everything is changing. Nothing can remain the same, so whatever is so right now will be different sometime soon. By forgiving others for what happened, we are free to move on. By accepting what was unacceptable, we attract better opportunities. By including what was rejected, we find other dimensions to value, utilize or appreciate.

When things stay unfortunately the same, there is some interference to the changing nature of life. What we resist persists. What we oppose shows us opposition, not permission or validation. Life seems to be a mirror of the face we show it. If we face life with negation, it negates our desires, ambitions and intentions. If we show the world how it's wrong, we will be wronged by it.

This "returning of our outlook" creates a dilemma at first. The idea of acceptance seems to ask us to become doormats that get stepped on by others' wicked intentions. Taken at face value, becoming vastly allowing seems to suggest doing nothing about abuse, toxic behaviors, violations of rights or damaging conduct. There appears to be no way to take a stand against wrong doing without make it worse or more persistent.

When we transcend this dilemma, we practice non-dual awareness. We say "yes" to "yes AND no". We have no problem with having problems AND solutions. We have no resistance to allowing AND disallowing. We accommodate the accommodating AND the unaccommodating facets of our situation.

When taken as intended, becoming vastly allowing merely disrupts our reacting to appearances and acting based on our fears. We do nothing that would escalate, antagonize or perpetuate adversity. Rather we practice non-resistance that disturbs the cycle of abuse and deprives the vengeance of a target. We give permission to the ongoing change processes in the midst of bringing on different experiences. We foresee what will come about by allowing realizations to develop, outlooks to evolve and determination to lose heart.

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