Beyond limbic hijackings

What are limbic hijackings?
Outbursts, tantrums, hissy fits, hysterics, infatuations, compulsions, urges, going ballistic, losing our cool, acting out, going off on someone, experiencing a meltdown

Why are they called "limbic hijackings?
The left brain of our prefrontal or neocortex functions rationally. This portion of our brain relies on linear thinking to handle situations reasonably. It's abilities are somewhat measured by conventional IQ tests of intelligence. The limbic system sits under the neocortex. It functions emotionally and irrationally. When it handles a situation, the left brain experiences getting hijacked, possessed and contradicted. Irrationality overtakes rationality. Emotionality supersedes practical thinking.

What are the consequences of limbic hijackings?
They sicken our bodies and damage our health. They eliminate learning from our experiences and arrest our development. They trash our relationships and create enduring conflicts. They maintain negative states of mind and unproductive efforts.

Why are limbic hijackings so common?
They appear to be internalized success routines. I recently wrote about this aspect of them as interpersonal meltdowns.

Why is the limbic system so dysfunctional?
The limbic system is only problematic when opposed by the left brain of the neocortex. The right brain induces congruent feelings in the limbic brain:
  • calm, serenity, peace of mind
  • joy, upliftment, ecstasy
  • satisfaction, purpose, fulfillment
  • delight, enchantment, fascination
How does the right brain bring out a congruent experience with the limbic brain?
The right brain is non-linear, non-dualistic, and non-judgmental. It functions holistically, imaginatively and intuitively. Rather than opposing the irrational limbic system, it values, utilizes and includes it. The right brain and limbic system form a winning combination, a synergistic pair, that brings out the best in both.

How can we become more right brained?
By using the left brain to ask questions instead of handling the answers. By expecting a Q&A conversation in our minds, instead of long trains of thought. By changing approaches whenever our limbic system does not feel good and our left brain is thinking too much.

What are the consequences of limbic congruence?
Improved health and natural healing. Spontaneous learning from everything that happens in our experience. Fulfilling relationships and mutual nurturing. Positive states of mind and inspired conduct.

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