Life changing incidents

Yesterday I drove a neighbor to her eye doctor appointment and reread "As a Man Thinketh" in the waiting room. The premise of that classic, little book is that "we attract into our lives what we think about, think of ourselves and think is true". As I've explored the Law of Attraction recently with those I'm mentoring, I've come to a slightly different understanding. It seems more accurate to me to say "we attract what we know". What we attract includes all those thoughts that come to mind. That gives the appearance of attracting what we think when we disregard where thoughts come from.

Once we know we can succeed at something, thoughts come to mind, opportunities show up in our world and we act accordingly. We make ourselves right and prove what we already know. We show ourselves and our world that we can succeed at this. We may also do the opposite by knowing we cannot succeed at this. We'll have thoughts of trying to succeed, justifying our failures, and changing how we vainly attempt at succeeding. We'll attract opportunities to go through the motions without a successful result while making a show of futile attempts. Again we prove what we know to be true. We are experiencing "life maintaining incidents".

Occasionally we experience "life changing incidents". What happened to us moves us at a very deep level. We change what we know "always and never happens" to us. We get a different belief about what we can and cannot succeed at doing. We see situations with different convictions, assumptions and expectations. We experience different thoughts coming to mind, feelings coming to our body and scenarios coming to our imagination.

Once we know this new possibility is true for us, we resume "life maintaining incidents". We prove to ourselves that this new deal is real. We convict ourselves with this new "fact of life". We experience how something always or never happens in light of this new certainty. We act accordingly and maintain what comes to mind, body and imagination.

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