Immersive innocence

What is immersive innocence?
It's an experience of time standing still and the Now Moment dominating our experience. The present seems real while the past and future appear illusory. We feel more aware and fully present when immersed in this timeless moment. We are free of thinking ahead or regretting the past. We are innocently enjoying our being here now.

What does the left brain do when we're immersed in innocence?
The left brain suspends judgment. It presumes it "does not know" what this is, what to do right now or what to make of what just happened. It operates with "a beginner's mind" that cannot jump to conclusions since this situation is the first time this has been faced.

How does the right brain function when we're immersed in innocence?
The right brain comes up with the right thing to say, see or do in this unique situation. It has access to a perfect sense of balance, timing and proportion of different efforts. It is naturally creative and free of getting trapped by constraints, problems or limitations. It comes up with inspirations, imaginative alternatives and intuitive guidance without taxing effort.

How does the limbic system feel when we're immersed in innocence?
It feels blessed by what is being received and grateful beyond measure. It feels fascinated and enchanted by the unfolding mysterious process. It feels relieved and stress-free for things to be handled this easily. It feels glad to be alive and in love with what's happening right now.

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