Freedom via creating it

What if freedom is a work of art? Then we would need to ask lots of other "what-if" questions to break out of the box and get creative.

What if the freedom we can create is actually a side effect of freedom already in the creative process? Then the more free spirited we are at imagining our next experience of freedom, the more freedom we will create.

What if freedom is an experience found in enjoying any creative output? Then we are creating experiences of enjoyment when we have it in mind to create freedom for ourselves and others.

What if freedom comes about by mixing things like painters mix colors and musicians mix sounds? Then freedom might get discovered by trying out different combinations of effort and inspiration, seriousness and playfulness, or pragmatism and flights of imagination.

What if freedom is a solution to a design problem? Then freedom could be provoked by the constraints that appear to limit and oppose freedom until they reveal their possibilities for inspired expression.

What if freedom is what we embody when we're clear of fear? Then freedom can abound when we do our thing regardless of what people think while caring deeply for our art, materials and message.

What if freedom is an artistic expression of our true nature? Then we will naturally create freedom when we disrupt our mistaken identities and be ourselves for what it's worth.

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