The scuba diver and the water skier

There's a big lake with a boat dock for recreational enthusiasts. Most have been coming here for years and have not been deterred by the soaring petrol prices. Each has a different idea of how to make fun be actionable. Some work on their suntans as they lay out on the lake shore. Others work at catching fish by casting their line into the water off the bank or from a boat near a fishing hole. Others go for the thrill of being pulled around on skis by a high powered motor boat. Others go exploring the depths of the lake by scuba diving in wet suits with tanks.

One could say that scuba divers favor the depth of an experience while water skiers explore the surface. Divers delve into one place on the lake while skiers run around the entire body of water. Both are taking action while operating on different premises about how to have a fun and rewarding experience.

Divers go deep to get to the bottom of the lake bed. It's a good thing to get a sinking feeling. Falling below the surface of the water "poses fulfillment issues". Skiers go deep accidentally when they fall of their skis. Going deep seems like drowning that "poses survival issues". It's a bad thing to get a sinking feeling.

Divers favor the quality of what they find by going beneath the surface. Skiers value the quantity of adrenaline rushes they experience by keeping things superficial. For them, quality is boring. Delving beneath the surface lacks variety. Living the questions is a sign of not being smart enough or sufficiently educated to deserve others' respect.

Divers have the idea that scuba diving is actionable. There is so much to do within a single exploration, vantage point or place in time. Skiers know that skiing is actionable by how active they obviously are to others. Divers going deep does not appear to others as getting anything done. Divers go within where their fruitful experiences are invisible.

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