Blog Day 2008

One of the wonderful qualities of the blogosphere is the number of different ways we are valuable to each other. Some bloggers give us great links to resources we find useful. Some embed delightful YouTube videos in their blog posts. Some get long series of comments that take the original post into fascinating, expanded territories. Others are especially good at getting me to think, which I love to do. Some are also inspirations for what I'm writing here.

Today is Blog Day 2008. I found that out just now because I got mentioned as one of the five on the blog: Maiers Educational Services. Thanks Angela! In keeping with her theme: Together We Are Smarter, I'm celebrating five bloggers who contributed to the launch of different themes I've explored this year.
Among so many continual learners, it's inevitable we are all learning. Among this variety of insightful thinkers, we are bound to think in new and fruitful ways. Among all this bounty of archived, searchable text, it's very likely we will find what we're looking for. Among all these contributors of creative outpourings, we're inclined to be generous with our own freedoms. Blogging rocks my world!

Blog Day 2008


  1. Hi, Tom,

    Thank you for the kind mention. Have been so immersed in client engagements and travel during the past week that I'm just getting caught up.

    Here's to a relaxing weekend!

  2. Hi Steve
    Kudos on getting so busy and getting to use your bounty of insights in client engagements.
    I hope your weekend is "labor-free" as well :-)