Leading by seeing

When we lead by seeing, we take others to the place we're looking forward to. We see what this could become, where things are headed and what lies ahead that's different from present circumstances. We expect others' beliefs will change by following our lead. We show them the way to go to where we're coming from.

When the blind lead the blind, nobody sees alternatives, opportunities and freedom ahead. The blind leaders see more of the same old misery. The situation calls for business as usual and 'full steam ahead". There's all the usual suspects, dangers and difficulties. Nothing is mysterious, fascinating or worth exploring.

The blind followers are equally oblivious to what visionaries are seeing. There's no way to follow the lead of one who sees because that route appears foolish. They know better than to trust the judgement of unconventional, imaginative and creative types. Their minds are already made up. Their hardening of the categories rules out weird interpretations and speculations.

When people follow a leader who sees, they see the wisdom in what is pictured. They see for themselves what is envisioned. They value the possibilities that come with imaginative forecasts. They see where it things might lead if they follow the beat of a different drummer. They change their beliefs by acting AS-IF the leader is not blind. They see a similar future, look forward to similar changes and prepare for better times ahead.

Leading by seeing changes beliefs. The followers believe in moving forward rather than faith in stagnation, conservatism or regression. They withdraw their belief in the status quo, the inevitability of continuity and their previous dedication to maintaining established institutions. They believe in things unseen. They trust that what is not here yet will be by believing in its emergence. They see what a difference it makes to believe. They stop doubting, dismissing or despairing at what might happen. They keep the dream alive.

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