Watching what happens

When we are reacting to what's out there, what happened to us and what has to be done next -- we are not reflecting. We're being watched by everyone without watching ourselves. We don't see where we're coming from, how we're affecting the situations we're in or what's up with the others. We have a lot to learn and oodles of opportunities to change our minds.

When it appears we're in danger, getting into trouble or facing a looming threat, it also appears that this is no time to reflect. The appearances call for reacting faster than our thinking can do. We're grateful we've got our knee-jerk ways to kick it. We do unto others before they can do it unto us. We're not watching, so we don't see we're hard wired to these appearances, easily provoked, and relating on the basis of presumed powerlessness. These are lessons in power. We have yet to learn how to relate in ways that create safety. We will soon transform threats into opportunities, danger into challenges and troubles into problems we can solve.

When it appears we're in control but the situation is out of control, it's still no time to reflect. The appearances call for taking charge, making things happen and thinking things through. Our minds are in turmoil with all those options, pitfalls and consequences on our plate. We're stressed out about how much, when and which approach to use. We have no sense of balance, timing or appreciation that comes from reflecting. We're still not watching so we do not see we're making enemies, causing trouble and resisting what's occurring naturally. These are lessons in cycles. We have yet to learn how to relate to things going round in circles, coming back to haunt us and reflecting what we dished out. We will soon change how we come across, what we give and ways we care about others.

When it appears we can imagine what it's like to be other people, it's time to reflect even more. The appearances call for wondering how people are changing, what they're facing and which avenue they are trying to explore. We're fascinated by what we're being shown, what it says about us and where we can apply these new insights. We're into deeply satisfying learning and that plays into real relating. We're watching what happens.

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