Learning is nothing

When we make a thing of learning, it's a thing that won't happen unless we make it happen. When we make no-thing of learning, it simply happens. It's happening right now.

When learning is not happening, we make a thing of what's wrong with the learner's ability, attention or motivation. When there's nothing wrong with the learner, learning happens like it is as you read this.

When learning needs more work, effort, and determination, learning is a noun that's not about to occur naturally or act naturally.

When learning naturally occurs following what got said, shown, done or discovered, "learning" is a verb. Learning is actively changing and growing.

When learning is something to be proud of, show off and get measured for comparisons, learning becomes a struggle we do only do if it's required, rewarded and recognized.

When learning is nothing to make a fuss about, learning happens all the time, even now.

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  1. The 76 year old Chinese man who makes his knowledge & skills of Tai Chi freely available to anyone who turns up in the park on Sunday morning keeps saying -"is not hard, do nothing."