Eye of the beholder

There are two ways to see what happens to us. One way works with the Law of Attraction. The other backfires. To create the experiences we want, we need to go one better than observing what happens to us. We need to choose what we see, frame how it appears to us or subject the objective facts to our viewpoint.

Most people appear to get stuck in some kind of misery, or as Thoreau said, living lives of "quiet desperation". This occurs by reacting to evidence and believing in objectivity. There appears to be no choice in the facts that are true or any options for how to feel about it. There is only one frame of reference that is valid: dealing with the objects as they appear at face value. Being a "victim of circumstance" with "feelings hard wired to happenstance" seems to be the right way to live. However, this is a ticket to misery.

Those of us apply The Law of Attraction effectively see everything differently. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though not necessarily in the data of the scientific observer. We create our response to evidence by believing in our own subjectivity. What something becomes in our experience depends on what we make of it. It's our call how we take it to mean and let it in. We choose how we feel by selecting a frame of reference to apply to objective evidence.

Reacting to literal appearances forms a vicious cycle with no apparent escape from the subsequent misfortune. It's obviously not possible to "count your blessings" until some blessings show up to count. The blessings don't happen along because the attention is on the mention of obvious misfortune.

Creating a selective perception of evidence can form a virtuous cycle which attracts even more to delight in. Counting your blessings begins now by seeing the good, beneficial, valuable and responsive turns of events in current happenstance. Unlike vicious cycles, what appears does not mean it's going to stay this way or provide relentless torment. It means it's changing, in process and soon to be taking on a different appearance. It's good for now and getting better too.

There are two ways to take a subjective approach to happenstance. One way takes a shortcut that asks for trouble; the other takes the long road and gets what it really wants. The shortcut is taken by spin doctors and scam artists. The positive attitude is a cover-up for a contemptuous disregard, incessant ambivalence, or profound insecurities. The deep resistance speaks louder than the superficial pleasantries when attracting the next match to one's vibrational offering.

The long road is taken by creators of personal experience. A cleansing process has cleared out the lurking resistance that came into conscious awareness and got resolved in stages. The vibrational offering now signals what is appreciated and validated with "all one's heart". The hesitation, misgivings and fears are gone. All that remains is the now moment of beholding in one's eye -- a bounty of experiences worth living and loving.

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