Vibration as an explanation

I've been using "The Law of Attraction" as one possible explanation for events during the past year. The release of The Secret DVD familiarized all of my proteges with the basic concepts. It also raised numerous questions in their minds. I've been exploring this outlook on life for over a decade. The premises of the Law of Attraction, as I've integrated it into my outlook, are as follows:
  1. At any given moment, something enters into our experience: a feeling comes over us, an added thought comes to what we're already thinking about, a better idea or question dawns on us or something shows up in our world. We are immersed in happenstance that we do not make happen with our efforts, striving or expenditures.
  2. Whatever happens embodies a particular vibration, waveform, harmonic frequency. These vibrations range from high to low, uplifting to disheartening, or expansive to confining. We are experiencing feelings in our happenstance.
  3. At the given moment, we are also offering a particular vibration or combination of frequencies -- by what we are focusing on and feeling as a result. When we pay attention to something, we put out a broadcast signal that indicates what frequency we are in tune with, ready to receive and predisposed to appreciate more of the same experiences.
  4. What then happens is a vibrational match to the frequency we signaled beyond our physical limitations. We attract whatever is in tune with the tone we set. We set up a closed loop with the frequency of our focus that generates more evidence, confirmation and experience of our particular focus. We cycle round and round with whatever we are paying attention to.
  5. All attention is successful at attracting more of the same feelings supported by something compatible to focus upon. We can be extremely negative and attract more to be negative about. There is no limit to how much we can attract and no restrictions on what we attract with the focus our attention. We are only confined to replicating, reinforcing, reflecting and repeating inside closed loops.
  6. Attracting something different calls for a different focus of attention and resulting feeling. We stop reacting to what we have continually attracted and start creating what we want to attract with a new vibrational offering.
  7. When we attract experiences that we think we don't want, we are nevertheless in tune with the vibration of that happenstance. We called forth what appeared by whatever we continue to hold in denial, baggage, opposing stances and unresolved issues. There's no one else responsible for what shows up in our experience that we can justifiable blame, guilt-trip or denigrate.
When we embrace these premises, we explain our happenstance differently. We can see what shows up as a mirror of what's up for us in our feelings of focus of awareness. We can look within for what is tune with what came about on the outside. We can regard the frequency of a repeat occurrence as an indication of our obsession with it's vibration.

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