Viral hidden talents?

What if it "takes one to know one" when cultivating hidden talents? Perhaps it requires having refined one's own talents in order to see them in others. It's possible that the basis for recognizing hidden talents in others is those talents that were repressed in us. Then getting mentored, reflected upon by others, or coached in a talent development system will initiate the ability to see talents in others..

What if hidden talents are cyclical? Perhaps the realization of latent traits and abilities conforms to the dynamic of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". When we assume we have no hidden talents worth developing, we become less talented and resourceful. We go into a downward spiral. When we appreciate what talents we've found in us, we become more capable, innovative and ingenious. We soar inside a self-reinforcing (positive feedback) loop. Then anyone's task is to start appreciating the talents that are already in play.

What if hidden talents are highly contagious? Perhaps we catch on to realizing our under-developed traits by exposure to people in the same condition. When we're discovering new possibilities and abilities, we give off an impression. It's obvious to others how we are being fulfilled, finding more meaning in our lives, and looking forward to new adventures. It's possible others could get infected by this atmosphere. Then the challenge is to get immersed among colleagues and/or communities who are evolving rapidly now.

What if hidden talents emerge when conditions are ripe? Perhaps they blossom in the warmth of other's respect, admiration, encouragement and validation. It's obvious to me that my efforts to make others' talents develop usually backfires, while they come to fruition on their own schedule. It's possible their latent abilities require a critical mass of favorable conditions before they burst into full realization. Then the blossoming of talents calls for getting out of dramas trafficking in patterns for chronic childishness.

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