Getting in the clear

When we're in the clear, everything we need right now will appear. If there's something we need to think about, thoughts will come to mind. If there is a scenario it's time to imagine vividly, it will show up when we're free to enjoy it fully. If there's some action we need to take, we'll become inspired to do it in a way that works out perfectly. Whatever we're in the process of attracting will gradually appear in a perfect sequence of a trustworthy process with great timing.

When we're clear that we're already receiving whatever is coming our way, we see what happens differently. We behold whatever falls short of a perfect end result as a wonderful intermediate stage. We welcome "previews of coming attractions" and "practice games" to get good at what we'll be doing before long. We value opportunities to get clear about exactly what we want to be, feel, and experience in the future. We have ways to use anything that comes along in the context of our being clear.

When we're in fear, we have no such luck. Everything we need right now avoids us like the plague. Our vibration attracts troublesome experiences. We think of worries, problems and dangers instead of the good we wish would happen. We imagine how things can go from bad to even worse deprivation, persecution or conflict. We feel frustrated by the evidence whenever fulfillment is taking longer than expected and seeming more difficult to attract. We pass up the opportunities to get more clear because we're not in the clear to receive whatever is next.

To change from being in fear to being in the clear, we need to "stop the world". Our perceptions of our personal history, individual identifies as well as time and space -- are all based on fear. We put a stop to all that by going into the now moment. We lose our awareness of our outer obligations and expectations. We enter our consciousness of inner peace where we find inspirations, intuitions and insights. We trust our being in the dark to see things in a new light. We welcome the mystery to be given a clue of what to do. We dismiss our past history to take this moment with innocence, freshness and a beginner's mind. We enjoy not-knowing what to think, do or foresee about our next move -- so as to get in the knowing that's given to us.

When being in the clear becomes a routine for us, we appear to be spirit-led by others. We follow our own flow of right timing, action and balance. We get a sense of how to proceed upon completion of any task by becoming still, receptive and aware. We simply do whatever comes about with serenity, grace and effortlessness.

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