Got hidden talents?

With all this exploration of hidden talents I've pursued for the past two weeks, you may be wondering if you've got some yourself. While I've been exploring the challenge of recognizing talents in others, it's also been time to help you to find those within yourself. When our own talents are hidden, we don't know we have them or don't admit the possibility to ourselves. The talents are in our unconscious mind where we cannot think about them logically.

This calls for some detective work. Here are some places to look for your own hidden talents:
  1. Idolizing particular people: Perhaps there are a few people whom you admire greatly. You put them on a pedestal because of traits they possess or skills they use. You may look up to them for the way they treat people or make a difference in the world. You are doing this because of what you're capable of yourself. You're seeing qualities in them that show you what you will aspire to, cultivate and express like them someday. They would not capture your attention or win your admiration if you had nothing in your unconscious to project onto them.
  2. Appearing awesome in dreams: Perhaps you've dreamt of yourself acting differently, playing a new role or handling strange situations. You have have pictured yourself being more competent, respected or relied upon by others. These dreams are revealing a hidden talent of yours in scenarios where your talent has been consciously realized. Awakening from dreams like these may leave feeling unusually confident, optimistic or resourceful. (When we dream of being incompetent, that does not mean we're going to be inept. It's picturing us as the product of systems that undervalue us, invalidate us or exploit us as pawns in their power-trips)
  3. Possessed by unexpected passions: Perhaps there are tasks you do occasionally where you feel out of character. You become more excited, dedicated, industrious or meticulous than usual. You find you are caring more, extra- energized and far more attentive than you typically act. These are signs of a hidden talent ready to burst into consciousness.
  4. Unexpected stretch assignments: Perhaps you've been asked to do something beyond your current abilities. Others may be seeing potential in you that you don't realize you've got. You may be getting asked to help out on a task that will show you something new about yourself, or give you eye-opening experiences. These are indications of a hidden talent that's dropping clues that others can see and help you cultivate.
All these ways that hidden talents become revealed to you suggest approaching this challenge as a mystery. Rather than rely on what you know about yourself, assume your hidden talents are something you have no clue about. Expect to be surprised or challenged by the discoveries. Count on not-knowing what to think about your talents being more helpful than what you already can explain about yourself. Then you'll be open to clues, watching for signs and wise to the revelations when they occur.

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