Freedom via seeing perfection

When we're not seeing perfection, we're feeling trapped, obligated, endangered or distraught. We've got a feeling like we need to do something else, change our approach or react under pressure. We cannot let go, enjoy this or simply be with it all. It's not perfect as is.

Things are rarely perfect. Anything we identify as a noun or label as a thing cannot be consistently perfect. It may be limited, costly, burdensome, deteriorating or difficult to control. It takes our attention away from freedom to deal with it. We lock it into a fixed category, rigid perception or known commodity. We trap ourselves by making a thing of it.

Processing can be perfect right now:
  • How perfect this came along now, took this much time and didn't come sooner!
  • This fell together into a perfect combination that works together much better than either in isolation!
  • The way this happened to get accomplished seems perfect to me
  • These changes are unfolding perfectly

Perfection is out of our control. We don't make it happen or understand it completely. Perfection is amazing to us because it seems beneficial to us while being larger than anything we manage to accomplish. Perfection enchants us by being somewhat mysterious. It frees us from our usual worries, struggles and regrets. We're free to be grateful for, fascinated with and trusting our situation.

Perfection is neither logical, precise or literal. It's not a category, label or ideal concept. Perfection simply happens. We become aware of perfection when we experience what is happening, how it's happening and why it's happening to us. Perfection is loaded with personal significance. It "has our name written on it" as it happens in our world. It appear meant to be, meant for us and meant to happen right now. We get the perfection without being in control of it.

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