Freedom via not-knowing

Most of us have been raised to figure things out by thinking about them. We'll define our lack of freedom as a problem and try to solve it. We won't realize we are maintaining the problem by this approach. There's no end to incessant trying when we make a thing of thinking. Freedom will be found by not thinking ourselves into a fixation.

Likewise, most of us are proud of knowing something. We get embarrassed when we don't know something as if it's test to see who has the right answer. We make freedom into something to know and not be mistaken about or misinformed. Freedom will be found when we know enough to not know what it is or where to find it. That has been the goal of this series of blog posts.
  • When we don't know something we exhibit curiosity about what is unknown. We value what is missing in our understanding. We treasure being innocent. We are living the questions.
  • When we don't know something, we are empty of preconceptions. We provide space for new ideas to come to mind. We are open to receive new insights. We are a container to be filled with what we don't already know.
  • When we don't know something, our minds are fluid. We can explore previously inconceivable possibilities. We are flow out of rigid concepts into more imaginative combinations and configurations. We yield to obstacles and move beyond them gracefully.
When we know enough about our freedom, there's lots we don't know. We may know what it is in concept, but not know where it is right now in our lives. We may know how to find it, but not where to look for it in this moment. We may know different ways to create the experience of freedom, but not know which way to explore next. When we're not knowing too much about freedom, we're free to be more free and to free others.

Enough said.

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