Take exception to dependency

Be wary of educational reforms that make people less self-reliant. Undermine so-called improvements in instruction that make students more dependent on getting patronized and placated. Avoid creating future citizens who are dependent on government handouts or subsidies. Expect students to be given challenges that are especially difficult and battles that require determination and courage. Fight to maintain strict standards, tight regulations and demanding expectations.

Take offense to coddling those who obviously lack ambition. Counteract those who foster dependency on themselves out of some neediness, immaturity or lack of confidence. Rebel against those who trap you in dependency on their obstructions, interference and entanglements. Restore your control over your own destiny.

Expect others to pull themselves up by their bootstraps by setting that example to follow. Put people under enough pressure that they stop shirking their duty to amount to something. Convince people that wallowing in self pity is getting them nowhere. Come on like gangbusters when others propose to cut the slackers some more slack.

Ignore your critics that claim you're insensitive. Disregard the accusations that your intolerance breeds helplessness and passivity in others. Dismiss the concept that empathy breeds self respect and unleashes hidden ambition. Seek first to get understood. Withhold understanding until people stand on their own two feet. Please accept this permission without question.

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