Take pride in your consistency

Some things never change. You may have the same habits and reactions you endured years ago. You may deal with the same feelings, worries and regrets you've always experienced. You may hold the same opinions, values and priorities as always. You may be a living example of how human nature stays the same.

Many educational reforms claim to transform students to realize their hidden potentials. They assume that human nature can be changed. They raise others' hopes with this wishful thinking that defies your life long experience with constancy. You're right to oppose educational reforms that make these false promises. You know that some things never change.

Of course you don't want to appear as bad as you get sometimes. It pays to keep up appearances of being a better person than you become on your off days. It works to take pride in the ideals you're living up to and put anything out of your mind that discredits this favorable impression. Maintaining an unwavering consistency will give you credibility and respect that flip-floppers cannot attain.

Never mind those who accuse you of being a hypocrite for the unchanging human nature that you're keeping hidden. Drop the worries about the impression you're making of being two-faced or self-contradictory. Do not consider that you may be sending mixed messages in spite of your pride in your consistency. Forget how the disrespect you're getting shown could reflect the lack of respect you have for inconsistency, vulnerability and humanity. Please accept this permission without question.

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