Live in a dangerous world

The easiest way to oppose any educational reform is to live in a dangerous world. Simply focus on the terrorists, military combatants and criminals among us. Picture all the non-violent deaths by diseases, disasters, starvation and fatal accidents. Top it off with the apprehension that people acting like "it's not a dangerous world" are especially dangerous. Become totally convinced that you live in a dangerous world.

Obviously, educational reforms are extremely dangerous. You are definitely justified to oppose reforms, defeat them and discourage their proponents. Reforms could de-stabilize your fragile sense of security. Reforms might undermine the foundation that the purpose of your life rests upon. Reforms could even generate momentum and devastate the current stability with a tidal wave of disruptions.

Don't you forget how dangerous the world really is. Do not let your guard down or relax your vigilance against dangerous invasions. Keep alert for any sweet-talking, seductive spin-meisters who make particular reforms sound appealing. Don't kid yourself that the world has become any safer or secure from such extensive dangers.

Most of all, do not see the world as damaged. Do not consider that the people acting dangerous have been damaged by the world. Deny that any damage is being done by your outlook. Do not allow others to weaken your conviction that the reforms are exceedingly dangerous. Push against those who push you to make changes. Please accept this permission to be right without question

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