Regard people as wicked

Educational reforms are easy to oppose when people appear wicked to you. This is not to say that everyone has evil intentions. Some have merely gotten lazy and shun hard work. Some have abdicated responsibility and avoid hard choices. Some are wallowing in self pity and are looking for a free ride. Others became cunning and are finding ways to cheat the system. But there are also those who are living out their dark side and acting evil in our world.

Look down on those who are making excuses instead of fighting the fight against wickedness. Don't go soft on these losers. Don't fall for their lame excuses for backing off or backing down. Do not show them respect when they obviously lack the self respect to act responsibly. Do not listen to them when their wicked ways has got the better of them. Do not feel sorry for their plight, bad luck or unfortunate situation.

Feel free to deceive these people. Figure there's no harm done and nothing to lose when their wickedness already ruined everything. Tell them what they want to hear. Feed them whatever lines that will get them to silence their objections. Give them the spin that makes you look good, better than them and the best for the opposing reforms the right way.

Separate yourself from what you're seeing. Don't think it makes you wicked to see wicked people. Don't point three fingers back at yourself when pointing your finger at them. Assume you are superior to those who have fallen for temptations that make educational reforms appealing. Take the upper hand when others are trying to drag you down from your morally higher ground. Please accept this permission to be right without question.

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