Freedom via successful searching

We all have experiences with finding what we're looking for. Search engines and shopping online have made it even easier for us to successfully search for something we want. When we desire more freedom in our lives, it's not as obvious how to succeed at finding it.

Freedom is more difficult to find because most people are devoted to captivity, control and power over others. Good luck finding a job listing for candidates seeking freedom on the job. How many hotties have you dated that hoped you were looking for freedom from their neediness, clinging and dependency on you? How many family members want you to be free of your past history with them, confinement by their belief systems and identity formed by how they mirrored you with their own biases?

It's typical to become afraid of freedom. Other's fear of getting liberated becomes contagious. We catch on to mistaken ideas about the dangers of freedom. We worry about becoming too different, getting ostracized and feeling alienated. When we act on fears like these, our fears prove to be true. We confirm our initial premises and believe in them even more.

It's almost guaranteed we will "seek and not find" freedom when we utilize our left brain cognitive strategies to find it. We'll dichotomize freedom as the total opposite of captivity and rule out freedom in our present situations. We'll compartmentalize freedom as having nothing to do with getting work done, ongoing relationships or our life-long learning. We'll make freedom into a category that very few experiences fit into when we take freedom literally.

We'll succeed at finding freedom when we're clear of fear. Our left brain can stop repressing limbic hijackings and partner with our right brains. We can imagine being free right now and get more inspirations about how to increase that. We can get a sense of where there's freedom in this moment and go check it out right now. We can feel gratitude for the freedom we've already found and tune into more possibilities on the horizon. We can innocently wonder about freedom and receive what we need to make our next move.

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