Calling a timeout to chill out

Whenever we're busy thinking, there is always more thinking to do. We think of more things to think about. We add more considerations to whatever issues remain unresolved in our minds. We stir up more apprehensions and anxiety which turn us into stress cases.

When we call a timeout, we mean "no thinking required for the moment". If we don't declare a moratorium on our incessant thinking, there will be no end to it seeming like there is more thinking to do right now. There's no use trying to chill out or thinking about stopping our thinking.

When we successfully called a timeout, we've headed for home base in our minds. We've moved our state of mind to a place where we can simply be observant of what we behold. We can watch our inner and outer worlds without adding anything to either. We can feel contented,  joyful or full of fascination without thinking about what we're observing. We can be with what is in our awareness as if we're a presence or space for it.

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