Coming up with business ideas -4

Whenever we've found home base in our minds, it dawns on us that there's a fourth way to come up with business ideas. It no longer makes sense to us to struggle with the first three ways I've already explored: (1, 2, 3). We can be far more imaginative and visionary than falling for those survival, conquest or service issues. We see how to be in business that is clear of fear and filled with peace of mind.

This four approach includes the other three as market segments. A total solution works for every level of play and space that others come from into this enterprise. It allows for customers and employees to be coming from lower levels of play like a commissioner of a professional sport that nurtures everyone touched by the sport. So many get served directly and indirectly by this approach, it seems like a win/win/win to most. They look upon this enterprise with enlightened self-interest that contributes to its success for selfish and altruistic reasons.

This fourth approach get built on paradoxes. It routinely poses the challenge of doing both. Customers seem like external employees who do some of the work for the enterprise. Employees seem like internal customers who serve the actual customers in the same ways they get treated themselves. Top-down exercise of authority gets balanced with bottom-up feedback, suggestions, insights and and learning. So many facets of the enterprise seem like balancing acts:

  • planning and execution of those plans
  • pursuing changes and stability
  • teamwork and individual accomplishments
  • extrinsic rewards and self motivation
  • handling environmental turbulence and internal issues
  • increasing efficiency and redundancies
  • increasing revenue and reputation

This approach cannot be modeled on pro forma spreadsheets. It's not accurately captured by objective data and projections. It's rife with intangibles, virtuous cycles and side effects. It resembles the complexity of thriving ecosystems which are extremely interdependent. This approach realizes many emergent outcomes that cannot be caused directly or replicated consistently. This kind of enterprise happens unpredictably and invites the participants to play along without fear or fuss. It works great with an ongoing peace of mind that looks upon life as an unfolding mystery.

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