Go within or go without

Finding home base in our minds is an inside job. We'll find it by turning away from the outer world that our senses feast upon. We may get a feel for home base or get imagery to envision by going within. Finding it will change who we think we are and what our lives mean in the big picture.

Most fail to find home base in their minds because they go looking on the outside. They seek satisfaction, respect,  peace of mind, forgiveness and/or love. They seek all that from the drama we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. They fail to find what they seek because they're looking in the wrong place.

Much of the fruitless searching is a flight from what most find at first when they go within. They experience being haunted by past incidents, dreaded predictions and a burden of guilt. They find their emotional baggage on the inside, rather than home base.

Our inner worlds are only haunted in the 3D world of the horizontal horizon and space-time. We're tormented when we're traveling the out rim of the wagon wheel of life. When we switch horizons or exit the wheel on a spoke toward the hub, we've found a way to come home.

There's no inner torment in the mysterious now moment that defies categorization, explanation or captivity. We find freedom from our remembered past and predicted future. We get to a place in our minds of intrinsic satisfaction, self respect, unexplainable serenity, profound forgiveness and unconditional love. Welcome home!

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