Viewing evidence with innocence

When we're hard wired to our circumstances, we're a long way off from home base in our minds. We're facing the drama with fear, guilt and other negative emotions. We're feeling urges to overreact as if we have no choice. How we're feeling seems to depend on those circumstances which are "making us feel this way".

We cannot conceive of viewing the same evidence with innocence unless we can detach ourselves from them. We already know what this is because it's happened before and it about to happen again. We're clinging to being right, in the know and good at predicting the future. We're hooked on our eyesight, rather than switching over to insights.

With innocence in our outlook, we've become like children without acting childish or foolishly naive. We've become harmless without losing our cunning and creativity. We are full of wonder and empty of prior opinions. We're using our "don't know" mind rather than trashing our "bare sensing" with cultural conditioning and projections of our inner torment.

From home base, the evidence appears wonderfully mysterious. With regard to our past history, this looks like it could be different from any prior occurance. When it comes to predicting what will happen next, all is possible from here on out. The situation offers lots of freedom for us to choose how we take the evidence, where we go with it and where we're coming from to see it the way we do.

With innocence in mind, we're seeing:

  • how there's good in the bad and more good that can come about from seeing some good in it already
  • how to trust the process unfolding for us rather than push the river that only makes it work against us
  • how to take the evidence as a mirror of a portion of our mental state or skewed outlook
  • how to learn from what we're seeing to upgrade how we're seeing it as if we're free to come from a better place closer to home in our minds. 

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