Happily held in suspense

When we're reading fiction, watching films, hearing a joke or playing games, we love to be held in suspense. We don't want anyone to give away the ending. We want to be surprised by the ending and held in suspense in the meantime. We enjoying guessing and needing to guess again.

There's a flip-side to this coin we we despise suspense. We don't like to be left hanging when we need to know the final decision or the plan for moving forward. Unwanted suspense means we're left in limbo and incapable of acting with confidence. We may even get hang-ups from repeated experiences of powerless which seems to eliminate putting our foot down or standing on solid ground. We'll resort to leaning on others and needing crutches to cope with adversity,

When we've found home base in our minds, everything we see provides us with the good kind of suspense. We're wary of knowing too much, jumping to conclusions or assuming nothing has changed. We're happy when we're seeing the familiar in an unfamiliar way. We're eager to see the same old things in a new light, from a different perspective or inside a bigger picture.

We want life to seem mysterious and full of revelations each day. We're content to patiently wait in the dark. We trust whatever comes along next is meant to be and good for where we're going in our lives. We're on that solid ground where we can trust ourselves and value what comes our way. We're at home in life as it unfolds.

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