Replacing eyesight with insights

When we're using our physical focus, we're turned away from our inward focus. We're trusting our eyesight and neglecting our insight. What we're seeing seems factual. We think we're being objective about what we see. We assume we're facing reality with admirable realism. We're convinced that dealing with what it is rather than what it might be if we start kidding ourselves.

When we've found home base in our minds, we've experienced a turnaround. We're facing inward and realizing lots of insights. We're getting ready to reframe the objective facts and redefine the apparent problems which have caught our eye. Things are no longer as they appear on the surface. We can read into their significance and dismiss their show of being what's is realistic. We realize that "what's so" is merely "so what" and "no matter" to our insightful outlook.

Switching from eyesight to insight calls for letting go. The way we take things literally involves clinging to our past conditioning. We're confirming our preconceptions without questioning our premises. We're captivated by making things overly familiar. We're suffering from "hardening of our self-serving categories". We're seeing what we want to see by projecting unconscious beliefs onto our perceptions.

When we can say "so what" rather than "it is what it is", we've let go of what our eyesight and beliefs insist upon. We've opened ourselves to insight. We're turned around to face our inward focus. We've headed ourselves toward home base in our minds.

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