Blog post number 400

This is the 400th post I've added to this blog since I started it in 2006. 400 is a wonderful number. By that I mean it is a number full of wonder, just as this entire blog is intended to be for you and me. Thanks for being a reader!

To put the significance of 400 into words, it could be said that 400 means "totally together - not this - not that" or "combine into a foursome and zero out either extreme". Here's how our inner teachers view situations as "a four followed by two zeros".
I wonder if this is (1) good in a good way, (2) good in a bad way, (3) bad in a bad way and/or (4) bad in a good way, but not entirely good or bad.

I wonder if this is (1) looking forward to the future, (2) looking forward to a repeat of the past, (3) looking back on unresolved history for the future and/or (4) looking back on deeply felt visionary possibilities we're looking forward to, but neither looking back or forward exclusively.

I wonder if this is (1) changing the way we stabilize our situation, (2) changing the way we change our situation, (3) stabilizing the way we stabilize our situation and/or (4) stabilizing the way we change our situation, but not entirely disrupting or stagnating our situation.
Whenever we can wonder about all four possibilities without either extreme, we are open to receiving insights. We are full of wonder. We have emptied of mind of its stale opinions, conditioning or foregone conclusions. We are using a "beginner's mind" that thrives on curiosity, not-knowing and questions. We are keeping the four possibilities in balance to realize the winning combination, emergent synergy and total solution. We are right where our inner teachers want us to be to learn the next lesson.

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