Successful imaginations

Are we imagining things when we're in contact with our inner teachers? Yes, that's it exactly. We successfully getting ideas, inspiration, comfort, new perspectives, and answers to our questions - by having active imaginations. Once it works, it's perfectly natural to make a routine of being so receptive, appreciative and attentive within.

Many of those of us without experiences with inner teachers consider the possibility absurd. We write it off to "over-active imaginations" that border on delusional. The fear-based analysis of imagination rules out what comes to mind besides irrational moods and rational thought processes.

To go without the bounty of benefits from inner teachers amounts to a failure of imagination. The imaginative faculties are confined to paranoid forecasts of how things will go from bad to worse. When enough imaginations get the feeling of being realistic, the world creates experiences like soaring prices, credit crunches and economic recessions.

When we live with successful imaginations, we find life to be extremely dreamlike. Everything seems to happen for a wonderful reason like we are on the right track and getting what we need to go forward. We enjoy what happens and welcome more dream-like incidents to come along. We abandon our habit of analyzing, fearing or controlling whatever happens. We simply let the dream continue to come about.

Switching to a successful imagination requires switching off the mind that thinks and uses language. Imagination is inarticulate. What we picture in our minds and feel is very holistic, paradoxical and beyond explanations. Imagines capture much more than we can say. It loses a lot in the translation when we try to put imaginative possibilities into words.

When our wording and imagining work well together, we communicate differently. We utilize word pictures and visual metaphors. We come up with what to say without thinking. Our wording captures feelings that others pick up on. We convey our experience of being imaginative and make it easier for others to enjoy successful imaginations too.

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