Learning from what happens

Whatever happens was meant to happen, happens for purposes other than our puny self interests. There are no actual accidents, real victims or unintended coincidences -- only convincing appearances of very disconnected incidents. Every happenstance can provide a lesson, revelation or wake up call, if we are inclined to make the connections between the dots. When we're not so inclined, we're too afraid to face the music or change our minds. We're unconsciously opposed to seeing things in light of network effects, systems thinking and cyclical dynamics.

It so happens that nothing occurs in isolation. Everything that happens is the side effect of something else that already happened. Causal explanation miss the point, oversimplify the dynamics and misrepresent the truth. Everything comes back around to haunt us, reward us, show us or change us. There's no escaping the consequences of being here in one way or another, only postponing the repercussions by putting them into denial.

For something to happen, it must be believed in so deeply that it's taken on faith, regarded as a fact of life or considered a done deal without a doubt. If it's something that happened before, it happens again very easily. It's news to be reported, history to be recorded and observable evidence to be studied scientifically. The consensus is grown to expect it again as an unquestionable fact of life.

When something is widely believed to never happen, it never happens to those who believe that. So be it. It can't happen because it's true, proven and convicted that it cannot happen here. There's no getting around that when appearances are taken as what's really going on here realistically.

When appearances are known to be deceiving, things that "never happen" can now happen easily. Everything that happens is getting around what has happened before. History is no predictor of the future and present circumstances give no indication of what can come about. What's really going on here is not perceived by taking appearances literally, reacting to superficial evidence, or categorizing what is obvious.

When we realize anything can really happen, then there's much to be learned from what appears to happen. We can see how we brought about our slice of the total experience by expecting it, intending it or believing it to be a fact of life. We can see what it could be showing us about hidden processes to trust, changes unfolding and dynamics working in our favor. We can take it symbolically like a dream and get a sense of direction, validation, confrontation or wisdom. We can receive new questions to explore, new challenges to face, new experiments to conduct and new resources to utilize. We will feel extremely blessed by what happens to us, regardless of how it looks to others, when we are predisposed to get so much learning from mere happenstance.

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