A feel for learning

When we're getting instructed, it's unusual to have a good feeling about learning. More often, it feels like we're getting indoctrinated, brainwashed and told what to think. It feels coercive, compromising and overly compliant when we submit to getting instructed. We feel disrespected by getting instructed and have no cause to show respect or act self-respectful when trapped in instructional prisons. We often rebel against this dreadful feeling by morphing into bad kids, rebellious students or party animals.

When we're learning something on our own, we get through the frustrations and feel great about our accomplishments. We feel satisfied with our efforts and gratified by the use we can make of our new skills and knowledge. We will feel like learning more whenever we feel like it. We tune into our feelings and accommodate our fluctuation of moods, motivations and interest levels. We show the world how much more productive a learner we would always be if we constantly learned in the ways we approach our favorite sports, hobbies, people and personal interests.

When we're learning from our inner teacher, we feel deeply grateful. The new understanding we receive makes learning feel like a much-appreciated gift. We open up the new insight that dawned on us with fascination and wonder. We feel amazed, delighted and even more curious as a result of what we get from our inner teachers. We equate learning with freedom to explore, to ask anything and to delve into any realm that fascinates us. We feel blessed, rewarded and validated by going within to get what we need to understand. We cannot help but fall in love with learning when it feels this good.

Once we're acclimated to learning feeling so good, we can trust our feelings implicitly. We will get a feel for what makes us curious, motivates our investigations and satisfies our appetite to understand more. We'll recognize a feeling of disinterest, boredom, or disheartened moods as an indication of "not for us", "not at this time" or "not until we learning something else first". We'll safely guided in the vast realms of possible growth with our highly reliable feel for learning.

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