Receiving and responding

There are feelings I get when my inner teacher answers my question, gives me a better way to see my situation or inspires me to take an action that works out for the better. I feel blessed, respected, safe and energized. I know how to proceed without relying on my fear-based thinking, antiquated reactions to evidence or the perpetuation of what I've tried before. I come up with better timing, sequences of steps, amounts of effort and combinations of endeavors than my lower consciousness could produce. All this is my experience on the receiving end of my inner teacher's generosity.

Besides all this getting gifts from within, there's an equal amount of giving I do. I'm usually on the responding side when I'm mentoring and relating to others in my life. I'm dealing with the psychological pain they're in, the concerns they have or the issues they're resolving. I tune into others then go within my consciousness to get an inspiration for how to respond.

My inner teacher seems like a "first responder" to me that comes to my rescue when I'm in need of inside help. I then learn by this example and respond to my world in whatever way I'm inspired to do. Together we synthesize a responsive system that handles what comes into my outside world with what comes to my mind. The portion of my consciousness that is my identity is in between what is inside "me" and outside "me". As I've become more emptied, humble, innocent and open, the mediator role of "me" is getting filled more effectively.

As more inner teachers come into consciousness, we will see a much higher level of mutual responsiveness among us. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the chaos in the world, more of us will respond to our immediate situations superbly. Instead of making wild guesses, we will act with perfect timing. In lieu of getting ahead of ourselves or taking shortcuts, we'll cover all the bases in effective sequences. Instead of trying to make things work that keep falling short of success, we'll be inspired to take a more creative approach or redefine the problem entirely before taking action. In lieu of indulging in overkill, extremes and excessive spending, we'll "touch the world sparingly" for the right effect. Instead of being full of ourselves, we will be empty enough to get what we need in each moment from our inner teachers.

With all these possible improvements inherent in the nature of our "higher consciousness", it's only a matter of when will we evolve out of our lower consciousness.

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