In lieu of schooling

All the problems with classroom schooling have the potential to destroy this time-honored institution. That may mean there's no point in wasting anymore time and money on educational reforms. We could be wise to let the "archaic means of torturing students in the name of academic standards" fall by the wayside. There are perfect replacements for schooling emerging amidst all these problems.

In lieu of sleeping
It's possible for students to be awake to the truth that learning is meant to be a joy. We already know everything in our eternal spirits and merely pretend to have forgotten it all while in our mortal bodies. Remembering what we already know is done for the fun of learning, discovering, exploring and finding. If it's not fun to become more knowledgeable and skillful, it's pointless from our immortal perspective. With this truth in mind, there's no need for instruction and every reason to create experiences. There's no purpose in delivering content without bringing out the best in each of us.

In lieu of getting burnt
An evacuation of school can become the right way to get an education. Learners will be on fire with desire to realize their potential, utilize their experiences and share their discoveries. It takes a village or a network to find oneself in how others see us, respond to our uniqueness and encourage our development. We are not designed to thrive in a monoculture of parents and a teacher. We need a diversity of role models, guides and contrasting approaches to find the fire that burns within each of us. We're designed to immerse ourselves in mysteries, unknowns and ill-structured situations. Perhaps that's why so many have climbed steep learning curves to play elaborate online games with ease.

In lieu of a perpetual war zone
We deepen and enrich our learning experiences amidst fascinating conflicts. When we are torn between alternatives, we come to greater realizations. Whenever we get one sense on the inside and another from outsiders, we resolve our values, priorities and sense of purpose. It takes getting shattered by what we've overlooked, ruled out and taken a stand against. We naturally get hold of a big idea, become idealistic and over-simplify the paradoxical truth. It feels like getting a bomb dropped on our shaky confidence to find out we're blaming others for our own unresolved issues. Rather expect contentious grown-ups and partisan politicians to provide examples, the reconciliations and realignments in social learning with peers is a better source of realizations.

In lieu of vindictive prosecution
Amazing transformations occur inside cocoons. Our minds thrive on getting inside cauldrons with tight lids or fortresses with sealed exits. When we suddenly feel trapped amidst an wondrous adventure, the adversity brings out our best traits. We need now way out to come up a whole new approach, self concept or strategy. Rather than trying to learn from other who wallow in self pity, complaining or blaming others, we can profit far more from putting ourselves into jambs. Getting captivated by a big challenge gets far better results than being imprisoned in factory schooling.

In lieu of widening the generation gap
Anyone who learns from what happens will seem more mature than others who learn from instruction. This is something any generation can do. Nothing changes our minds faster than the results we get from our thinking in the world of happenstance. If our plans backfire when we think we're right, we'll learn to relate and consider others viewpoints. If idea to help others suddenly blows up in our face, we'll learn to live and let live. If we discover we're making enemies, losers and rivals by our abuse of power, we'll find ways to be more humble, receptive and inquisitive. When we connect the dots between what we did and what shows up, the way we take responsibility will impress others with our maturity.

When everyone who falls in love with learning is enjoying experiences like these, all the problems with schooling will disappear. Breakdowns in motivation, retention and attention dynamics will vanish. Issues with attendance, tardiness and dropouts will become irrelevant. Interpersonal problems like bullying will be replaced with the developmental uses of conflict that will cultivate self respect and understanding of others. Turnover, burnout and workload issues of instructors will lose significance as learning becomes more passionate. Elaborate antics of administrator, journalists, parents and teachers will get sidelined by the authentic reasons to love learning, find one's calling and get along with all others. If all that takes some additional learning to make the switch, each inner teacher is prepared to assist the transition.

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